How do I find a Directional Drilling (HDD) contractor in my area?

  • by ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC

So… you’ve got a project coming up that requires directional drill services and aren’t sure who to turn to?  Don’t fret, you’re not alone. We receive several calls a week from customers asking the same question. As much as we’d love to service everyone in the country... logistics just don’t make it possible.

Most directional drilling companies cover a wide territory, but unfortunately most only travel for larger projects.  It isn’t cheap or very feasible to haul a large machine and crew around from state to state.  Finding someone local is going to be your best option. But just how do you do that?  A quick google search can help, sure, but often you’ll see the big-name companies will pop up first in those search results.

Our tip to you, whether you be a homeowner just trying to have a new line installed underneath your driveway, a public service company just hoping to stick to the budget on a small project, or someone just plain wanting a horizontal bore done is this:

***********Ask the sales reps.***********

Turn to the manufacturers of directional drill equipment.  Odds are, you will have one relatively close to where your project is.  They are making and selling the machines & they will be able to point you to the direction of someone who can help you with the work. These companies will have a good idea or list of who performs directional drilling or HDD services around your desired location.

A few recommended manufacturers to search for are:


Ditch Witch:

American Augers:

Or just give us a call and we would be happy to help you!

ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC How do I find a Directional Drilling (HDD) contractor in my area?

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