The Best Hydrovac Companies In Columbus, OH? Ratings/Reviews

  • by ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC
Do you live in Columbus, OH and need someone to complete some hydrovac work for you?

Hydrovac excavation services provide a safe and efficient way to remove debri, create trenches, spot for utilities, perform daylighting, and many other functions.

How will you know if you’re the Hydrovac provider is the right fit for your project needs?

First, you’ll want to ensure your vac company has a good track record and you’ll need to do your research to find out what they specialize in.

For example, we at ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC specialize in utilizing our vac services for utility specific projects. Such as, pot holing for utilities for new installs, repairs, or other utility line projects.  We’re usually a perfect fit for people who are looking to have a utility line installed or replaced at the same time, with minimal destruction to their property.  However, we’d be the wrong choice for someone just looking for more specialized services such as: Daylighting, Utility Pole Holes, Slot Trenching, Service Pits, Trenching, & Debris Removal.

So, to help you begin your quest for the best hydrovac company in Columbus, including other regions throughout the state, here are the top hydrovac companies of Columbus, OH along with the vac services that they offer.

Please note: This list of Columbus Ohio's top hydrovac contractors is based on online reviews and real customer feedback (and is provided in no particular order).

C-MAC HydroVac
Services: Pot-Holing, Trenching, Utility Pole Holes, Service Pits, Debris Removal
“CMAC Services, LLC is a trusted and recommended dull-service hydrovac company providing a variety of services to both private and public projects. We have built our reputation by delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients.  With over 5 years of experience in excavation of utilities, CMAC will handle your projects in an efficient and professional way.”

Badger Daylighting
“Badger Daylighting™ provides Daylighting, Hydrovac Excavation, Hydro-Excavation, Potholing and Vacuum Truck services to customers in more than 130 USA and Canadian locations and their surrounding areas.

Badger and the Badger Hydrovac System trace their success to three main factors:

  1. Equipment
  2. Experience
  3. Culture – Serve our customers with the “Best Trained Operators and the Best Trucks in the business.”

Capital City Mechanical

We are excited to announce that our company has extended into the Hydrovac business. In our many years of construction and excavation experience we have come to learn many things, one of which is hydro-excavation IS the way of the future. Using Capital City’s hydrovac service, we are hoping to make each job site safer and try to eliminate as much risk out of the normal excavation process.”

ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC The Best Hydrovac Companies In Columbus, OH? Ratings/Reviews

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