Auger Boring: ClearPath’s Newest Drilling Technique

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

At ClearPath, we’re always looking to incorporate new methodologies into our operations when they best serve a client and a specific project. With this in mind, we recently undertook a project for the first time that utilized an auger boring machine.

Read on to discover some key points about auger drilling, along with our project!

What Is Auger Drilling?

Auger boring machines are utilized for the installation of a variety of subterranean equipment, including pipes and ducts, casings, sewage systems, and more, making room to facilitate the passing of the necessary components beneath preexisting structures. Auger boring is commonly employed beneath railway lines, highways, and levies, or anywhere else where settlement may be an issue.

This technique, sometimes referred to as “dry boring” or the “jack and bore method,” involves forming a horizontal bore by jacking components through the land on a site, such as from a primary shaft to a reception shaft. The spoil that is produced during this process gets removed through the effort of a rotating auger tool. These auger tools transport the spoil through the casing to the current disposal area of the site.

In the past, accuracy had been problematic with auger boring machines, even though the process itself was cost effective. Upgrades to auger drilling technology, however, has led to better precision and a better end result.

We’re proud to add this process to our list of services for reliable directional drilling. Now let’s take a look at a recent project that called for the use of auger boring.

Auger Drilling at Work in ClearPath’s Recent Project!

At a recent job in Kentucky, we utilized an auger boring machine for the first time due to the needs of the project. To accomplish our goals, we had to have a custom reamer built specifically for the bore, and the auger bore machine produced has the ability to push with 1 million pounds of pressure.

On this job, we put in a drainage line that allowed our drill to exit into a lake at twenty feet below the current water line, an aspect that makes this project particularly unique.

Below, you can get a look at our auger drilling equipment in action. Give it a look!

Other Core Services Available from ClearPath

Some of the service capabilities that ClearPath can provide our customers include:

  • Extended length projects

  • Grade drilling

  • HDPE fusing

  • Horizontal profiles and as-builts

  • Large diameter projects

  • Large scale boring jobs

  • Plastic/poly pipe placement

  • Small residential boring and drilling projects

  • Solid rock drilling

  • Steel pipe placement​

We’ve implementing these services for a variety of clients throughout the United States, particularly in areas of the Midwest, South, and East Coast. You can get a good look at some of our past projects from the photos found in our project gallery. Give them a look!

So if you’re looking for auger boring contractors, or are in need of key services for horizontal directional drilling, get in touch with our experienced team today!

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