Cincinnati Directional Drilling by ClearPath Utility Solutions

At ClearPath Utility Solutions, we handle a wide variety of horizontal directional boring projects and are committed to providing the best quality for each one of them. Our Cincinnati directional drilling company can help meet your drilling needs today!

About Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is the ability to maneuver a rod underground and direct it around obstacles. This is used when trenching or excavation is not a practical solution, and the process causes the least amount of environmental disturbances and allows you to reach difficult areas.

The stages of drilling include:

  • Drilling of pilot hole on the path

  • Using a large cutting tool, and enlarging the hole

  • Placing a pipe or product in the hole and making necessary changes in the direction of the drilling head

  • Continuously pumping drilling fluid through the drilling head to facilitate removal of materials

If you are looking for directional drilling services, you’ve found the right company! Our Cincinnati drilling company has service capabilities to help exceed your expectations.

Our Capabilities

With the plethora of service capabilities we provide, our team dedicates ourselves to meeting your specifications and goals. Our service capabilities include:

  • Extended length projects

  • Grade drilling HDPE fusing

  • Horizontal profiles and as-builts

  • Large scale boring jobs

  • Large scale drilling projects

  • Small residential drilling projects

  • Plastic/poly pipe placement

  • Solid rock drilling

  • Steel pipe placement

Why Choose Directional Drilling or HDD Projects?

Since horizontal directional drilling can be a great option for various applications in different industries, ClearPath Utility Solutions can help you avoid or include the following during your company’s project:

  • Water and sewer lines

  • Roads and sidewalks

  • Oil and gas lines

  • Power conduits

  • Cable and communication conduits

  • Environmental remediation casings

  • Distribution gas

  • Shale gas and more!

No matter what the project is, we will help complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand the importance of making every minute count!

Our Previous Projects

Our Cincinnati directional drilling team has over 20 years of experience. We commit to excellence in all of our boring and drilling projects and our clients enjoy successful drilling time and time again. Here are some images from our past projects:

Meet Our Team

What makes the heart and soul of this Cincinnati horizontal drilling company is our team members. Our dedication to you and your projects is what allows our business to continue to thrive year after year. Read up on our members to familiarize yourself with us!

Our Work Area

We have completed various projects in the Midwest, including within Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and more! However, no matter where you are located, our professional staff is prepared to serve your project needs anywhere in the USA. Check out our service area map to see where we have worked!

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