Columbus, Ohio Directional Drilling

Here at ClearPath Utility Solutions, our directional drilling company provides our services across a variety of states and regions throughout the U.S. One particular area of focus for us is Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area, since we’re native to nearby Zanesville ourselves.

Read on to learn how we stand out from other Columbus, Ohio directional drilling companies, see examples of our past work in the area, and get a complete overview of our services.

Our Services

For companies seeking horizontal directional drilling services in Columbus and beyond, ClearPath can provide with a whole host of offerings, including:

  • Solid rock drilling

  • Large diameter projects

  • Grade drilling

  • Large scale boring jobs

  • Steel pipe placement

  • Small residential boring and drilling projects

  • Extended length projects

  • HDPE fusing

  • Plastic/poly pipe placement

  • Horizontal profiles and as-builts

All of these services are backed by our team’s more than twenty years of experience in the industry, and are accomplished by way of our robust and efficient equipment, such as drilling fluids, reclaimers, auger boring machines, and more.

And our Columbus, Ohio horizontal drilling services are able to facilitate the needs of diverse jobs sites, incorporating or avoiding the following, depending on the needs of the project:

  • Water lines

  • Oil lines

  • Waterways

  • Sewer lines

  • Environmental remediation casings

  • Communication conduits

  • Power conduits

  • Cable conduits

  • Roadways

  • Sidewalks

  • Buildings

Additional benefits that we offer our clients include our fast turnaround time on projects, our dedication to customer service and quality work, and our year-round schedule. On this latter point, we’re able to achieve your goals for a site regardless of the season, and can often facilitate projects on short notice.

Some of Our Directional Boring Projects in the Columbus, Ohio Area

While we’ve worked on projects in numerous states throughout the Midwest and South, a fair number have been close to home in the Columbus, Ohio region. Let’s take a look at a few.

400’ River/Rock Bore in Darlington, Ohio

For this job, we used an Astec 3238 and an Astec HDD50 Air Hammer. Despite a number of challenging factors including a rough terrain, a nearby active rail track that needed to be avoided, and a thirty-foot drop-off on the west wall of the creek we were boring under, we were able to successfully complete the project and its target depth of ten feet.

675’ Rock Bore in South Zanesville

This project utilized a Vermeer 36x50, an Astec Air Hammer, a 350 PSI Air Compressor, and an Atlas Bore Planner to cross State Route 22 with the goal of threading through an eight-inch steel pipe. Following our pilot bore, our crew worked overnight to complete everything, with the final pipe pullback being accomplished in under sixty minutes.

Fusing 28,400 Feet of 12” DIPS SDR 11 HDPE in Corning, Ohio

On this project, we used a McElroy 618 Roller and a 618 TracStar, with the former allowing for quicker mobilization and the latter allowing for faster set up and alignment. Our tasks on this job were diverse, as we completed eleven bores ranging from 60’ to 260’.

In Need of Columbus, Ohio Horizontal Directional Drilling? Contact the Experts!

Reach out to our team today to get started on directional drilling in the Columbus, Ohio area. We’ll help you assess your project and determine the best approach to the job!

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