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Since 2007 ClearPath has been committed to excellence in our project execution. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our clients have enjoyed successful drilling and borings time and time again. Check out our project gallery and stories from some of our past projects. 


555' Bore in Parkersburg, WV

Single digit temperatures and heavy rain provided challenging conditions for a sanitary sewer bore in Parkersburg, WV.  The project originated on the berm of a railroad track and then proceeded directly under a spur.  The steel rails of the track proved to offer little interference for the DigiTrak Eclipse locating system and the pilot bore was completed within a few hours.

The pipe pullback began on Christmas Eve and was completed in time to return home and enjoy the Christmas Eve Festivities.

400' River/Rock Bore in Darlington, OH

Utilizing an Astec 3238 and the Astec HDD50 Air Hammer, ClearPath completes a 400' rock bore under Moxahala Creek. The terrain on the project proved to be challenging. On the west side the setup area was restricted due to an active rail track. Then at approximately 250' the west wall of the creek dropped off 30' to the surface of the water. The creek was approximately 80' in width with a 15' rise on the east side and the exit needed to be done as soon as possible. Due to the limited steering that is typical with rock bores, the elevation changes and the desire to keep the project within budget, ClearPath incorporated the use of the Atlas Bore Planner to profile and plan the bore to 400' in length.

The Bore plan proved instrumental in completing the bore due to off air interference with the Eclipse locating system. The interference prevented us from receiving full readings and only providing us with an occasional pitch reading. However with the bore plan, we were able to bore using only the pitch changes. The bore plan had a target depth of 10' at the water edge and our exact depth was 10'1".

600' Rock Bore. Placing 12" Steel.

Using Atlas Bore Planner, ClearPath successfully completes a 600' solid rock bore. This bore included some extreme obstacles with a stream crossing and a minimum depth requirement of 6' as the first obstacle to cross. Then a road crossing with an elevation increase of over 20' and a continued elevation change of 150' over the next 390'. ClearPath completed this bore within 8 business days, while another contractor required approximately 30 business days to complete the sister bore prior to our arrival.

5000' of 6" Rock Drilling

With the use of a Vermeer 24x40 Series II, Vermeer 20x22 Series II and Astec HDD50 Air Hammer, ClearPath completes approximately 5000' of 10" rock drilling and placement of 6" product in Woodsfield, Ohio.

This project commenced just north of Woodsfield, OH and ran along side of SR 800. Though the difficult 2010 winter caused some delays due to traffic concerns, the low temps also proved to be a challenge with the utilization of the high pressure air compressor. ClearPath's customer was provided with some time extensions due to the weather, however a "Drop Dead" completion date was looming. ClearPath utilized the Vermeer 24x40 to complete the pilot bores and brought in the Vermeer 20x22 to upsize the hole to 10" and place the product. With the addition of the second rig, ClearPath was able to complete the project on time.

320' of 24 inch steel

With the use of an American Auger DD6, ClearPath completed a 320' bore of 24" steel in Cleveland. This bore was completed in an environmentally sensitive area and crossed under a set of railroad tracks.

2114' bore under Chester River in Maryland

With the use of a Ditch Witch 70x20, Mr. Riley completed a 2,114 bore in Maryland. This bore crossed the Chester River which spanned 1,900' from edge of water to edge of water. The exit side of the bore was confined to a 10' strip of grass. A wetlands bordered one side with a Marina bordering the other side. Upon completion of the pilot bore, the exit was within 18 inches of the proposed exit. Wire Line services where provided by In-Rock.

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