ClearPath, a woman owned company that specializes in solid rock drilling and large diameter bores, prides itself on standing apart from the competition by providing unique service with each project, industry leading employee benefits, and focusing on advancing the industry as a whole. We have performed unique projects for our customers by taking smart risks including underwater bores and services extending from small cable for TV up to large gas lines. Our customers specifically favor the detailed designs created through the Atlas Bore Plan method.

We provide our customers with a true customer focused service from pre-bid to the completed project. Our customers have rated us as a 5 Star company that excels in cooperation, communication, and performance. We believe that great service begins with treating our employees great, which is why we provide our team members with a matching IRA fund up to 3%, paid time off, and large insurance benefits. ClearPath not only strives to serve our customers and employees, we seek to improve the industry as a whole. Occasionally, we are not awarded projects but still work to provide feedback on each job and the best method to completing it to our competition. We survey each customer upon completion of a project and have received high accolades, including the following review:

Just an awesome group of guys both in Management and the field. Love working with ClearPath. In this industry it comes down to people and service. ClearPath excels in both aspects. Our company and ClearPath have an excellent working relationship. Couldn't have asked for better guys on the ground. The cooperation, communication, and performance is what we have come to consider the norm for ClearPath but exceeds others we work with.

As a company we strive to give back to the community through involvement in local chambers of commerce including the Zanesville Chamber of Commerce, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, and the Zanesville Rotary Club. We have also held employee focused events that include fundraisers for local nonprofit organizations such as the Animal Shelter Society. ClearPath stands apart from the competition because we believe that our success stems from caring about employees, customers, the environment, the industry, and keeping our focus on how we can help instead of how much we can make. We begin each day with our mission, vision, and values at the fore front of our focus. ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC always goes the extra mile by being the company that focuses on providing quality service while ensuring no shortcuts are taken, the customers’ expectations are exceeded, the smart risks are considered, and superior safety measures are implemented.

At ClearPath Utility Solutions, we handle a wide variety of horizontal directional boring projects and are committed to providing the best quality for each one of them. Our company can help meet your drilling needs today!

About Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is the ability to maneuver a rod underground and direct it around obstacles. This is used when trenching or excavation is not a practical solution, and the process causes the least amount of environmental disturbances and allows you to reach difficult areas.

The stages of drilling include:

  • Drilling of pilot hole on the path
  • Using a large cutting tool, and enlarging the hole
  • Placing a pipe or product in the hole and making necessary changes in the direction of the drilling head
  • Continuously pumping drilling fluid through the drilling head to facilitate removal of materials

If you are looking for directional drilling services, you’ve found the right company! Our drilling company has service capabilities to help exceed your expectations.

Our Capabilities

With the plethora of service capabilities we provide, our team dedicates ourselves to meeting your specifications and goals. Our service capabilities include:

  • Extended length projects
  • Grade drilling
  • Horizontal profiles and as-builts
  • Large scale boring jobs
  • Large scale drilling projects
  • Small residential drilling projects
  • Plastic/poly pipe placement
  • Solid rock drilling
  • Steel pipe placement

Why Choose Directional Drilling or HDD Projects?

Since horizontal directional drilling can be a great option for various applications in different industries, ClearPath Utility Solutions can help you avoid or include the following during your company’s project:

  • Water and sewer lines
  • Roads and sidewalks
  • Oil and gas lines
  • Power conduits
  • Cable and communication conduits
  • Environmental remediation casings
  • Distribution gas
  • Shale gas and more!

No matter what the project is, we will help complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand the importance of making every minute count!

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ClearPath Advantages Directional Drilling
ClearPath Advantages Directional Boring
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ClearPath Advantages Residential Drilling And Boring

Meet the Owners

Rod and Maureen Riley started ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC in 2007. They are the parents of Katherine (Blaine) Klaus, Michalia (Dillon) Shepherd, and Colton Riley. They have lived in Zanesville their entire lives and are proud members of Muskingum County. Maureen started her career in 1990 with AEP in the customer service/commercial marketing department. In 1997 she joined the family business overseeing Human Resources and Safety Departments. Maureen holds a BA in Speech Communications and Sociology from Muskingum University. Maureen is a current Board Member for Guernsey Muskingum Electric Coop and a member of the Zanesville Day Rotary.

Rod grew up in the underground utility business that his father started building in 1968. Shortly after college Rod left the business to pursue a career in the software development industry. It was during this time that Rod became intrigued by the emerging HDD technology, that his family was exploring, and was asked to assist in a part-time advisory role in the business in 1996. That same year Rod helped to procure the business’s first HDD rig, thus becoming one of the first in Ohio to utilize this technology. Rod left his senior software developer position in 2000 to join the family business full-time. Expanding on the companies HDD expertise the company purchased their first rock drill in 2001. As the lead operator and business manager, Rod found that his niche lay in the more challenging rock and large diameter projects. In 2007 Rod in partnership with his wife Maureen launched ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC. His role as President has allowed him to lead their team with a focus on providing their customers with smart trenchless solutions while utilizing cutting edge technology with total commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the team and associates.


The Midwest's Premiere Drilling & Boring Company