Guide our behavior as we pursue our Mission and our business strategies.

Show Respect For Ourselves And Others
  • Listen and respond positively
  • Present a neat, clean personal appearance
  • Value open and honest communication that lead to mutual trust
  • No pot stirring, gossiping, bullying, or talking behind anyone’s back about others or the company

Do The Right Thing
  • Do the job we have been trained and trusted to do without oversight
  • Follow company guidelines and safety standards without shortcuts or disregard
  • Live, work and play with ethical integrity
Promote Teamwork
  • Arrive to work on time, ready to go with a positive attitude
  • Be helpful and encouraging to each other without being asked
  • Encourage a positive environment to allow for enjoyment in both our personal and work relationships
  • Show appreciation to be part of a winning team

Be A Good Steward
  • Take initiative, offer ideas, and seek opportunity for personal development
  • Seek to promote from within and provide leadership opportunities for advancement
  • Be dedicated to going the extra mile and working through challenges
  • Be accountable, do not waste time or resources and take responsibility for your actions
  • Encourage and promote generosity and give back to our community
ClearPath Values

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