ClearPath - Directional Drilling & Boring
Directional Drilling & Boring

When it comes to underground utilities, ClearPath leads the way. We offer a wide range of trenchless repair and replacement services for a variety of utilities, including telecommunications, water, sewer, power, and gas.

ClearPath - Auger Boring
Auger Boring

Auger boring is a trenchless technology method used to install steel casing pipe in a variety of soil conditions. These conditions can range from dry sand to clay or soft rock. With the proper cutting head, auger boring can be used for solid rock formations.

ClearPath - Extended Length Projects
Extended Length Projects

This method is mainly used while crossing congested areas, waterways, environmentally sensitive areas, roadways, and other areas where other methods are more expensive. It also causes less traffic disruption at an affordable price compared to other methods.

ClearPath - Grade Drilling
Grade Drilling

Grade control is an essential part of the mining process because the metal being extracted from the ground is never constant.

ClearPath - Horizontal Profiles And As Builts
Horizontal Profiles And As Builts

All horizontal drilling projects are closely monitored and managed with attention to detail every step of the way assuring they’re completed on time and on budget. Our administration will handle all aspects of project management including obtaining mandatory permits, on-site supervision, through to the completion of your underground boring project.

ClearPath - Large Diameter Projects
Large Diameter Projects

We provide mechanically excavated, shaft drilling services for deep, large-diameter shafts in support of the mine development and underground construction industries.

ClearPath - Large Scale Boring Jobs
Large Scale Boring Jobs

Our Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) fleet includes drilling and boring equipment suitable for large scale boring projects.

ClearPath - Small Residential Boring And Drilling Projects
Small Residential Boring And Drilling Projects

Horizontal Directional Drilling, also known as trenchless technology or boring, utilizes special machines that drill underground with virtually no impact to the surface area, landscaping or structures. Directional Boring is the perfect solution for sensitive areas without causing disruption to the surface above where you need to dig.

ClearPath - Solid Rock Drilling
Solid Rock Drilling

Rock drilling is quantified by a rock’s PSI. Rock density ranges from the highest hard rock PSIs (marble, granite, coral) to the lowest PSIs soft rock (cobble). It’s important to gather as much information as possible about the soil conditions and any rock formations along the bore path before you start.

ClearPath - Plastic / Poly / Steel Pipe Placement
Plastic / Poly / Steel Pipe Placement

Our professionals can handle all types of underground connections. Whether you need new sewer, water or power connections, we can drill it! We have experience in a variety of soil conditions, permitting processes and regulations. Making our bid one you can count on.

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