A challenging project with varying soil types from soft silty clay to the solid granite rock that covered the entire project area. ClearPath mobilized its entire fleet of HDD rigs and crews to tackle an 8600’ portion of a large 53-mile 12" pipeline project. The 8600’ of HDD’s consisted of 8 separate locations with lengths ranging from 750’ to 1400’. ClearPath was one of many HDD contractors on location for this project that proved to be as tough and the granite rock beneath the surface. Our crews battled through varying changes in weather from a steamy September to a freezing snowy January (not typical for the area). Along with the battles of the weather, the destruction brought upon our downhole tooling by the granite rock conditions; our crews battled through with quality results. The soil conditions allowed us to try new unique tooling and varying methods of how each bore was completed. This project has provided us with some methods, tooling, and even greater experience in which we still implement in each project today and will continue well into the future.

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