Heavy Haulers: The Top Truck Types for Transporting HDD and Construction Equipment

  • by ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC

Transporting heavy equipment is a vital aspect of both HDD and general construction projects. Choosing the right truck to haul your valuable machinery ensures a safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation process. In this blog post, we'll discuss the best truck types for hauling horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and general construction equipment. 

  1. Flatbed Trucks - Flatbed trucks are a versatile option for transporting a wide range of construction equipment, including HDD machinery. These trucks have a large, open cargo area that allows for easy loading and unloading of various-sized equipment. The lack of sides or a roof enables the secure transport of oversized or irregularly-shaped loads.
  2. Lowboy Trailers - Lowboy trailers are specifically designed for hauling heavy and oversized equipment. Their low deck height provides increased stability and allows for the transport of taller machinery without exceeding height restrictions. Lowboy trailers are ideal for carrying HDD equipment, excavators, bulldozers, and other large construction machinery.
  3. Step Deck Trailers - Also known as drop deck trailers, step deck trailers feature a two-level deck design that accommodates taller equipment. The lowered deck height provides additional clearance for equipment that exceeds standard flatbed height limits. Step deck trailers can transport a variety of HDD and construction equipment, including backhoes, loaders, and trenchers.
  4. RGN (Removable Gooseneck) Trailers - RGN trailers are perfect for hauling exceptionally heavy or large equipment. Their removable gooseneck allows for ground-level loading, eliminating the need for ramps or cranes. RGN trailers are a popular choice for transporting oversized HDD equipment, large excavators, and other heavy construction machinery.
  5. Hot Shot Trucks - Hot shot trucks are ideal for smaller, time-sensitive transportation jobs. These trucks typically consist of a heavy-duty pickup truck and a gooseneck trailer. Hot shot trucks can haul smaller HDD equipment, skid steers, mini excavators, and other compact construction machinery.

In conclusion, selecting the right truck for hauling your HDD and construction equipment is crucial for successful transportation. Flatbed trucks, lowboy trailers, step deck trailers, RGN trailers, and hot shot trucks each offer unique advantages for various equipment sizes and transportation requirements. By understanding the capabilities of each truck type, you can ensure the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transport of your valuable machinery.

ClearPath Utility Solutions, LLC Heavy Haulers: The Top Truck Types for Transporting HDD and Construction Equipment

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