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If you’re looking for boring contractors to assist you in your next project, our company is a clear choice for rock solid customer satisfaction.

About ClearPath | An Ohio-Based HDD Company


ClearPath Utility Solutions LLC offers directional drilling and horizontal boring services for a wide range of customers. From large diameter projects to small residential upgrades, our team of HDD contractors always goes the extra mile no matter the job.


This is because we continually focus on providing quality service and ensure that no shortcuts are taken. Unlike other directional drilling companies, we’re only satisfied when our customers’ expectations are exceeded, smart risks are considered, and superior safety measures are implemented.


With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our boring contractors have been proficiently trained to take on a spectrum of projects. Our knowledge of the field, combined with our safe, high-quality work and dedication to customer service, makes our HDD company stand out from the competition.  

How Can Our HDD Contractors Help You?


Are you searching for directional drilling companies to assist you in a project? Whether it’s a quick fix or extended length, our team is happy to sit with you and come up with a plan of action.​

Some of the projects we’ve been a part of for clients in the past include (but are not limited to):


  • Grade drilling

  • HDPE fusing

  • Solid rock drilling

  • Steel pipe placement

  • HHD Survey, feasibility and profile


We know that each project will be different. Everything from the industry our clients are in to the deadline of completion to the materials we’re working with regularly will vary.


Because of this, our boring contractors have been able to gain experience in handling materials including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Oil and gas lines

  • Power conduits

  • Sewer lines

  • Water lines

  • Telecom


If you have an inquiry about a project and you’d like to discuss factors such as materials or services, please be sure to reach out to us today.


ClearPath’s Company Values


Here at ClearPath, we have a set of core values that we use as a basis for all of our services. Compared to other directional drilling companies out there, our goal is to use these core values as a way to go above and beyond for our customers.


Our Values as Business Owners


Our founders Maureen and Rod Riley have worked hard to establish this company on the following principles:


  • We do the right thing when no one is looking

  • We will present a neat, clean and professional image

  • We provide an environment to foster personal development within

  • We are passionate and determined


Our Values as a Business


As an HDD company that’s continually evolving, we base our day-to-day actions on the following values:


  • We will commit to a safe and compliant work place

  • We will innovate and constantly improve

  • We desire to be the best


Our Values as a Team


Our boring contractors, as well as all of our other internal team members, take value in the following commitments:


  • We will innovate and evolve to a mutual benefit

  • We will succeed together

  • We will face challenges with optimism

  • We value direct, open, and honest communication


For Our Customers


The following values are priorities that we work to execute for our customers every single day:


  • We are committed to doing what is right

  • We will always go the extra mile

  • We will listen and respond positively


Learn More About Our Services and Capabilities Today!


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